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Phone/Text: (541) 276-0723

Phone/Text: (541) 276-0723

High Blood Pressure
Restless Leg Syndrome
Phone/Text: (541) 276-0723

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Testimonials come from our patients who volunteer their time to inform the public on how they were suffering from their conditions, and their response to acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatments. We thank our patients who took time to write their experience for the public.

Acupuncture by Wai Tak Cheung

Download the complete text of Mr. Cheung's essay about acupuncture, it's history and applications.

Please note, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view this document. If you don't already have the Reader, you can download it free here.

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Library articles are currently divided into 3 categories: "FAQ" for frequently asked questions. "Testimonial" for actual patient comments about their acupuncture experiences. "Wai Tak Cheung" for excerpts from Mr. Cheung's Acupuncture booklet.

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